MP3song – How MP3song Differs From CDs

If you’re an avid fan of comedic folk music, chances are you’ve heard of mp3song. If so, you can download tracks of these songs for free from These websites may inspire other musicians to join the fray. One of the most effective ways for musicians to make their MP3songs available is by putting them on a large Web site. A band can then link to a download area of their own Web site to allow fans to download their MP3song. This method makes use of a larger Web site’s server space.

However, there are some differences between an MP3song and an actual CD. MP3 files, for example, compress music to save space, but the quality of the sound is severely diminished. Many people don’t realize that commercial recordings use a standard that is similar to CD quality. In addition, not all MP3s are created equal. Some are much smaller than others, and some are significantly lower quality than others. MP3 files may also have more or less fidelity than CDs.

The average MP3 song lasts three minutes and sixty seconds. Its size is around three megabytes. An average CD has 32 million bytes, so this means that an MP3 song can take up to 32MB of space. Using a high-speed modem, it may take several minutes to download one song. In contrast, a 56K dial-up modem can take up to two hours. That’s a long time!

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