Why Is Auto Car Insurance So Expensive?

In Massachusetts, drivers under 25 and older than 65 pay more for auto coverage. In fact, a 16-year-old will pay an average of $2,408 for car insurance compared to $632 for a person 65 years and older. Moreover, living in a city tends to raise your insurance premiums, because city living is associated with higher risk for accidents and property crime. If you are thinking of moving to Massachusetts, check the prices of auto insurance in different cities.

When choosing a policy, make sure that it covers all of your needs. There are various types of coverages that are available. Massachusetts’ minimum requirements are often insufficient to cover repair costs. In order to get more comprehensive coverage, it is best to purchase more than the state minimum. Choose from the following types of coverage:

For young drivers, it is important to remember that driving carefully can help you get lower Boston auto insurance rates. But if you cause too many accidents, your rates can skyrocket to $2,384 per year. If you are over 40, your rate may rise by as much as $700. To save money on your insurance, clean up your credit. An excellent credit score of 800 or higher will save you an average of $268 a year. Although, not all states use credit scores as a rating factor, you can still lower your car insurance rates by maintaining an excellent score of 800 or higher.

In Massachusetts, auto insurance companies are required to report at-fault accidents to the Merit Rating Board. This state agency keeps record of drivers’ driving history and provides this information to insurers. Despite these facts, auto insurance costs in Massachusetts are some of the highest in the country. This is partly due to the high cost of living. Massachusetts is densely populated, and the vast majority of drivers live in urban areas. As a result, auto insurance is more expensive in cities.

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